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What is Global Kid’s Olympiads?

Global Kid’s Olympiads is a platform where the hidden talents of small kids are explored and nourished through various skill development programs such as handwriting development skill, identifying the objects, alphabets and the numbers skills are developed along-with the drawing painting skill of a toddler. These programs are so appropriate for a child that as the end result, a parent will be able to identify their hidden talents and work accordingly towards the future course of actions to develop the children’s future capabilities. At the same time the toddler will be initiated into the world of competition. These Olympiads will help a student in overall mental development as well. A motivation from the parent will do wonders for their kids.

In the yesteryears, no one ever thought to initiate our new born kids to the world of competitions to prepare the future human resources of our fast developing great country to face this fierce competitive world. With Global Kid’s Olympiads the dream of parents has been fulfilled where they have a fantastic platform to find the hidden talent and mettle of their children through these Olympiads. To give shape to this idea, a group of Olympiad veterans, with at least 16 years of experience under the belt, have come together to implement and share their ideas and experience for the betterment of the school students community as a whole by conducting various kinds of educational events and Olympiads.

Why Global Kid’s Olympiads?

  • To bring about the inherent and natural talent and skill among small students from the very beginning of their lives.
  • To create a platform where kids can improve their handwriting for future advantage in academic career. Good handwriting gives an enormous edge to every student while scoring in future examinations.
  • Good handwriting gives an enormous edge to every student while scoring in future examinations.
  • The small children will be able to improve their observatory power through “Identifying Objects” which is utmost necessary for their proper their mental development in future.
  • To create an ambience to bring out creative talent of toddlers through drawing & painting.
  • To bring about a drastic change among small children the way they learn a language.
  • IQ is not always from genetic territory. Through the Global Kid’s Olympiads, the IQ of a student can be improved dramatically.
  • Let your child hit the bull’s eye from the very beginning of his/her at an early age.

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Where to test your children’s improvements?

Global Kids Olympiads, the only Olympiad group so far to test a toddler’s competitive skill at a national platform in India. Every other group claim to improve brain power of small kids but where they can test the improvement? Global Kids Olympiads are the only authentic competitions that can test what a kid has learned and what are the improvement levels in various spheres of learning parameter and skill development.

So, let your children have a chance to test his/her level of learning by participating in Global Kids Olympiads. You will be able to judge the improvements yourself after the declaration of the results.

Why Skill Competition?

Childhood is the best period when seeds of creativity and imagination are sowed and nurtured with care only then in the coming years refined cultured and well-groomed citizen’s bloom. Keeping this view in mind, we have come up with skills based activities and competitions in Maths, English, GK, EVS, Hindi and handwriting give an opportunity to explore and unleash their talents.

Why Drawing Competition?

Drawing is a natural process for all children. It is a child’s way of expressing his/her understanding of the world and all the things that are important to him/her. It is a crucial activity. It builds a child’s

  • Fine motor skills
  • Creative expression
  • Attention span and coordination
  • Writing skills
  • Correct finger grip

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